With this surgical intervention we are able to reduce male’s breasts, that are mainly associated with an hormonal imbalance. The goal of the surgery is to achieve a normal appearance of the male chest with the least possible scar. It is important that the surgical treatment is carried out after a medical evaluation for an adequate diagnosis that evaluates the causes of gynecomastia. The surgical techniques used depend on a variety of factors and can be divided into four types:

  • Simple surgical excision, in cases of pure glandular hypertrophy
  • Simple liposuction, when fatty tissue predominates (pseudogynecomastia)
  • Surgical excision combined with liposuction, this is our most used technique since in the vast majority of cases there is a mixed component and through this technique we can reshape the entire chest contour.
  • Surgical excision and skin resection, indicated in cases with cutaneous excess, in which it may be necessary to move the nipple-areola complex. This technique is most often required in patients who have lost a lot of weight in a short time.

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